About Eastern PEI Family Violence Prevention Services

volunteer groupFamily Violence Prevention Eastern PEI is a group of volunteers who organizes programs to supply with support services for families having experience with abuse. Additionally to supplying straight support services, group members and staff are accessable to take part in presentations and seminars about the statistics of abuse in relations. My Canadian Pharmacy figures out that more and more people become victims of family abuse. They need real support and sometimes medical care, we are glad to provide you with it.

Family Violence Prevention Eastern PEI is directed to supplying community-based help taking into consideration the following principles:

  • It is a fundamental human right for each person to be free from and without fear of abuse.
  • Escalation and assistance to victims of family abuse in our community is sagnificant to help people run forward and live further.
  • Education and information sharing for all members of our community will assist to prevent abuse in families.