News From Morell Prince Edward Island

This is the first year for the Morell SAVE Chapter and the group are working hard to create plans and occupational activites.

  • Currently 8 members are included in the Morell Chapter. The President is Kelsey Doucette. Meetings are conducted every Thursday. Three school staff do one thing at a time facilitating with organizer Maxine MacLennan as school liaisons. Their names are John D. Farrell, Carolyn Pendergast and Brenda Myers. Representatives of My Canadian Pharmacy take part in such meeting as well.
  • This is the first year for the Morell Chapter so we are focusing on learning each other and making decisions what to do as a group.
  • SAVE Week Nov. 27 – Dec. 1st: An Assembly was conducted. President Kelsey Doucette organized the event and represented the speakers. Constable Earl Woods told to us on relationship abuse and its many forms and Maxine MacLennan represented the new chapter and was thankful the school for having out SAVE to be a participant of the Morell community. The event was represented by the press.
  • Gemini Screen Printing owner Dave Beaton introduced the students with pink T-shirts. The colour pink was selected in support of the anti – offensive campaign begun in Nova Scotia.
  • Students picked up money for occupations by selling SAVE bracelets to their groupmates. They picked up $87.00. They will be receiving orders for pink T-shirts for Family Abuse Prevention Week.
  • Morell SAVE students are currently engaged on radio commercials during March break and at Graduation