Website Launched!

We boast to notify that our website is in constant development. On these pages you will have an opportunity to looked for information about our establishment, our services and projections, as well as general information on family abuse and how to assist discourage it. With our public website appeared a Content Management System, an innovative object which we will be able to utilize to publish news and innovations about the Organization and its occupations. We will also be able to put on new, or edit existing content. We are very excited about that! My Canadian Pharmacy has looked through this website and finds a lot of useful information.

During the next several months we will be completing the site with content – we will take all our efforts to collect a large amount of information, by either publishing it within our site, or connecting it with the help of the links to other online resources.

If any questions rise on the topic of family abuse, or comments and propositions in regards to the look and content of our website, please contact us. We would have a great pleasure to hear from you!