Types of Abuse

  • prohibiting you in any way
  • arresting you from leaving
  • prohibiting you against your will
  • flipping off at you or poking you
  • strangling, kicking, beating, slapping you
  • any unwanted physical contact
  • fearing to spoil your reputation
  • putting you down
  • getting back at you by refusing to have sex
  • treating you as a sex object
  • forcing you to look at pornography
  • lack of intimacy
  • being rough during sex
  • forcing certain positions
  • hounding you for sex
  • forcing you to have sex (rape)
  • putting you down or ignoring you in public
  • not letting you see your friends
  • not being nice to your friends
  • making a scene in public
  • threatening to make a scene in public
  • change of personality with others
  • not taking responsibility for the children
  • turning children against you
  • choosing friends or family over you
  • telling bad things about you to family and friends
Emotional / Verbal / Psychological
  • intimidating you, making you fearful
  • playing “mind games”
  • not telling you what he is doing
  • ignoring you, silence
  • making verbal threats
  • name calling
  • yelling, raising his voice
  • being sarcastic or critical
  • degrading you or your family
  • laughing in your face
  • brainwashing
  • inappropriately expressing jealousy
  • lying
  • falsely accusing
  • walking away from you in a discussion
  • refusing to deal with issues
  • refusing to do things with you or for you
  • consistently getting his own way
  • accusing you of sleeping around
  • treating you as a child
  • finding and verbalizing your faults
  • criticizing your physical appearance
  • comparing you unfavourably with other women
  • having a double standard for you
  • telling women-hating jokes
  • dismissing issues that are important to you
Financial Abuse
  • withholding, diverting, embezzling, or controlling funds
Spiritual Abuse
  • Degrading one’s beliefs
  • Withholding means to practice
  • Forcing adherence to a belief system
  • Using religion to justify his behaviour